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Join our Book Club

What is Book Club?

Book Club is an activity for any school, library, community to get good books for children. A Bookstore issues catalogs to highlight good books on different topics, themes, celebrations, series and local authors.

Why Should I Organize a Book Club?

Each year, there are thousand of books published. But not all are worthy for your children to enhance their reading skill, comprehension skill, vocabulary skill and imagination.  We partner with reading experts to select books with high education value and will be enjoyed by the children.

Setting up a Book Club with us will help us spread and promote the love for reading among children, the future of our world.

How Book Club Works?

The club is simple to operate.

Any organizations, teachers and librarians can contact us ( to do the club.

STEP 1: The Book Club Coordinator choose the titles/series to include in the book club catalog and send to us.  We will send a copy of catalog in PDF or JPF file with your school logo or . Print required copies in back to back (b/w or colored (preferred)). See our World Book Day catalogs. 


STEP 2: Distribute the catalogs to the participating individuals and within a suitable period of time.  Do not forget to tell where they can give/drop their order

STEP 3.1 (optional): Prepare a drop box or assign a person to receive the orders.

STEP 3.2: Book Coordinators receive the cash payment for the order.

STEP 4: The Book Club Coordinator can scan or take photo of the orders and send it to us. We will sort it out for you. 

STEP 5: Book Club coordinator send the payment for all the orders via wire transfer or bank deposit in countries that we accept bank deposits or by credit card.

Shipment of Books

There is no obligation to order. 

The catalogs are printed with US Dollar prices but you can contact us if you prefer to have the prices printed in your local currency.

Orders will be received between 30-45 days.

All books will be shipped either straight to your school or to the student's home.

Shipping of books is FREE for the schools and organizations that are located in major countries in Asia.

This is a No-Hassle activity to organize.  We take care of everything!

What Will I Get For Organizing the Book Club?

With a minimum of 5 orders, you will automatically get all the books in the catalog that is being distributed for FREE.

You raise the profile of your school and organizations.

You help us promote that reading the good and right books enriched vocabulary and imagination among your children.

You help encouraged young minds that reading is more fun because they choose their own books.

The more books they see, the more motivation to read.

What Should I Do I Now?

When you decided to try the Book Club, contact us to request for the current catalog.

Any queries, we are readily available to help. Contact us now.

For A Successful Book Club.